Wheel Spacers

Made to measure wheel spacers for widening the track width of tractors to match wider bed planting systems in the potato or vegetable growing industries or for use in controlled traffic systems. 
Currently produced for track widths of up to 3 metres and 400+ HP. Larger sizes considered.

Machine Design & Modifcation

Nearly right but not quite? We will advise, design and build changes to existing machines to get them to where you want them

Nothing nearly right? We can design and build your ideas


The Comet destoner is a hydraulic star drive fully mounted machine available in 1.6m and 2.3m working widths. A front rotor means no smearing of the bed base and adjustable steps in the 8 or 9 star shafts allow control over aggression. Large star diameters break down clods effectively. 


3 row self propelled potato harvester with many innovatove features. Zero turning circle,unparalled operator visibility, low web anlge, hybrid drive systems, eneormous separation capacity

Wheel Spacers

Made to measure to extend the track width of most tractors up to 3 metres. The individual units can weigh up to 165 kg for 400+ HP machines with substaintial lift capacities or 30kg for smaller tractors for lighter work.

Machining after fabrication ensures parallel faces and true running. We have made sopaceers to fit most makes of tractor. our original units are now over 20 years old and still in use.

Machined faces

Today’s tractors travel at high speeds. Producing a strong, safe and straight component is essential

Wall thicknesses are typically 15 - 30mm depending on loadings

Variable sizes

Smaller machinery = smaller spacers. This is a Fendt 716 on comparatively light spacers at 2.78m track width

Rims too

Changing rim offsets and centre mounting is occasionally necessary to get to the right track width


We started making spacers in 1994. The ones pictured above are 7 years old and are fitted to a 8000 series John Deere to get it to 2.7m track

Machine design and Modification

We have successfully fabricated a number of one off designs for individuals and organisations and have carried out subtaintal modifications and alterations to existing machinery to adapt it to different tasks

Other Repairs

We’ve repaired most sorts of damage. Rolled Rexus Twins, rolled Rogators, dropped valves, blown vario transmissions. 

Other Work

From irrigation road crossings to ornamental fish tanks. From lifting a 15thC house to tool and parts carriers. We can design and build most things. 


Large stars

Clod breaking action fromlarger diameter stars

Flat or stepped

Stars can be inline or stepped, fixed or adjustable to allow for different conditions


Shorter than most destoners but with greater output and deeper working 

Fully mounted

Quick turn round on the headland and easy manoeuvering on running land

Even finish

Smooth, even beds even on tough ground with consisent chuckout allowig for even, level planting

Toughest conditions

Rough ground & heavy soils broken down in the worst years without compacting the subsoil

Easy folding

Transport easily with hydraulic folding

3 row width

Currently made in 2.3 or 1.6m widths to suit 2 or 3 row production

Padco Harvesters

Since building the P6 in 2007-8 we have beeninvolved with other machines and are currently working on the P3 three row self propeller harvester. This hig output machine gently handles the crop though minimal drops and offers unprecendented vision from the cab, Manouverability is considerable, the machine is able to turn in it’s own length.

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